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Mistress Thai is wearing a little black dress and black stockings as she takes off her black high heels and puts them in her slave's face. She has her slave laying down on the floor in front of her face and puts her warm stinky stockings in his face and makes him take a breath of her feet and smell her warm smelly feet. She then takes her feet and put them in his mouth and makes him taste her feet.

The guy at the party who tried to kiss Virgie got the ultimate punishment for his horny actions. The sexy Asian mistress shrank the guy into micro size and stepped on his lifeless body. The small red spot on the soles of her feet is the blood spilled from the micro sized man. She dominated him by sticking him in the insole of her sandal and than walked around with him

Mistress Bessie sits on her favorite chair in the living room and relaxes a bit. Her slave cleans hers shoes with his tongue while she sits there. She orders him to lay on the ground so she can rest her shoes and feet on his face! He follows her instructions very well to please her!

Mistress Momoko loves to have her feet licked! In this clip you can admire this gorgeous Japanese girl sitting on a chair while her slave kneels in front of her and licks her feet clean. He misses no spot, puts his tongue between her toes and licks every inch of her beautiful feet to please her. She is very amused and let's him do his job...

While Bessie sits on a chair, she notices that her sneakers are a bit dirty! So she commands her slave to her and tells him to lick her sneakers shiny and spotless. He immediately starts licking the sole of the shoe as she starts to laugh about this poor submissive slave...

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