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These two beautiful Asian sisters find pleasure in sharing their foot slaves. They rub their shoes and bare feet all over his face to where he can barely breathe. Their feet are dirty and smelly but they don't care. They get on top of him and jump up and down, and he can say nothing about it. He must take whatever comes at him. These Asian mistresses humiliate him will their feet as long as they please.

You are such an idiot! Now you really lost the fucking bet and what next? Great! You are a slave dude. Those girls own you. Now you have to kneel in front of them to lick their dirty soles clean using your tongue... I can't believe you tried to beat Cindy in poker - everybody knows she never loses a game...

Mistress Ayumi and Mistress Momoko have a new human-pony-slave. They leash him, sit on his back and torture him with their sexy black plateau boots. Later they even make this poor guy carry them both at the same time on his back. This clip is 22 minutes long and contains many violent scenes.

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