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Mistress Patricia did not want to deal with this guy because he was always horny. She did not want to deal with such a person and that is why she cruelly used her findom fetish to punish and humiliate. The mistress trampled him while he was naked and he cried at what she did to him. It was the kind of pain he had only heard about until it happened to him.

Mistress Joleen wanted this girl to learn a lesson that was like no other. She did not want it to be the same thing that happened to everyone else. That is why she went out of her way to trample her and to crush her. It was brutal and it was humiliating but it worked wonders as she got her lesson and she moved on from it all. She also had fun doing it.

Mistress Patricia is a cruel girl when she means to be. Today she did not mean to be but she was forced to be. She had no choice but to be cruel to this guy because he had been doing things she did not like. He was lazy and she could not sit back and let him continue to be lazy in her house. So she trampled him including his balls while he was naked.

When this mistress chose to dominate or humiliate, she did it in a way this girl had never experienced before. She cruelly tortured her by choking her and she did it with her feet. The girl was made to lick her feet as well and by the time she was done doing it, she had had a lot of fun and never messed up again as she knew what would happen.

Mistress Patricia wanted to degrade this guy and she did it in a way he would never forget. The mistress used her high heels to dominate as well as degrade him and he could not believe it. He had thought she was bluffing until she stripped him naked and started to trample and crush him with her heels. Not even his cries of pain could save him from her. He had to endure it until she was done.

Mistress Sakura did not like how relentless this guy was. He was lusting after her and he had made it his priority to nail her. She could tell and she did not like it. She was flattered at first but his insistence pissed her off and she had to dominate him for it. That is why she chose to trample as well as humiliate him and still deny him what he wanted.

Lady Takia wanted to dominate this guy for all the wrong things he had done. She was not in the mood to let him get away with the things he had done. She chose to use her ass because it was sweaty, smelly and he had to lick it clean. She also added her farts to the mix for the punishment to be complete. He never messed with her after that.

Goddess Seira had a noisy slave and she did not want him to continue being that noisy. So she had to come up with a way to make him stop it and change. The mistress used her sneakers to trample him and especially his balls. He was in a lot of pain as she did so and it made him learn never to mess up with her again as he did not want to experience what he had gone through again.

Mistress Sakura had stinky socks and she knew they were perfect for dominating as well as humiliating this guy. She used them to trample him and when she was done doing so, she made the guy lick them. They were both smelly and dirty but he had to lick them as she had ordered him to. When that was done, she used her barefeet to continue with the punishment and humiliation.

Goddess Lynn wanted to dominate her husband and she did it with her bare feet. She waited for him to get home before she revived the discussion that they had had. The mistress dominated him with her bare feet after scaring him with her high heels and she trampled him as painfully as possible. He agreed to do things her way for the humiliation and domination to stop. It did.

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