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Sexy Claudia is a busty Asian wearing a hot pink bikini top with white trim. She is also wearing short denim cut offs. The setting appears to be a bedroom for she is standing next to a bed. The busty Asian beauty sticks out her tongue before turning around to show off her backside. She flips the bird at the camera with her right hand. Claudia then gives the hand sign for loser.

Mistress Momoko loves to have her feet licked! In this clip you can admire this gorgeous Japanese girl sitting on a chair while her slave kneels in front of her and licks her feet clean. He misses no spot, puts his tongue between her toes and licks every inch of her beautiful feet to please her. She is very amused and let's him do his job...

Mistress Amrita gives you the chance to see her wrestling-skills in this clip. She wears a sexy white bikini and her body is really gorgeous - you wouldn't think a girl like her could have the power to beat up a man - but you will be surprised to see her overwhelming, smothering and beating him like he was just a puppet...

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