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Sara Akeera is a dominating brunette who has plenty of ash and spit just for you. She looks so sexy in black as she smokes a cigarette and blows the smoke in your face. She fills an ashtray with ashes then spits in it and fills it up with her saliva. You must lick all of her spit mixed with ash out of the ashtray like a good slave or be punished.

Mistress Rinko has her slaves hands bound up, his head and face is covered by a nylon sock. She lights up a cigarette, smokes it and keeps blowing the smoke right into his face to make him cough for her. She really enjoys her power to make him breathe all of her smoke...

The two very gorgeous beauties Mistress Mina and Mistress Yumi, are teasing a man with her most dangerous weapon - their beauty! After he is completely weak and laying on the ground in front of them, they sit on his chest and have fun by humiliating him a lot. They spit in his face, use him as ashtray and make him breathe their cigarette smoke...

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