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These 4 mistresses wanted to find out if this loser could withstand torture from all of them. They undressed him and rode him like a horse. They then whipped him cruelly and painfully before they turned him into a human toilet. He was forced to lick and drink their pee but they were not yet done with him. They trampled him and even farted on his face and he had to inhale it.

This Asian mistress wanted to show this loser who was the boss in their relationship. He was beginning to forget and she wanted to remind him. She called her friend and together they humiliated and tortured him. They trampled him with their high heels and with their bare feet before tying him up and whipping him. They had him locked up in a cell and tortured him while ignoring his pleas for mercy.

This mistress wanted to make sure that her slave was in pain. She had done lots of things to him and she was wondering what it is she had never done and she would do which would be both new and painful. After thinking for a while, she settled on fucking him with a dildo in the ass. She wore a strap-on and used it to fuck the poor slave.

Two Asian mistresses have caught and overwhelmed a slave. Now they want to punish this poor guy. They reduce his breathing by handsmothering him and make him inhale their smoke! He isn't able to resist or to free himself because those evil women are superior...

The Japanese goddesses Mistress Mina and Mistress Thoka punish one of their slaves in a very sadistic and cruel way. While one of them holds her hand on his mouth to shut him up, having him fixed in position, the other is kicking and busting his body and balls very hard! He isn't able to speak or escape, he has to take that cruelty righ away...

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