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This demanding young Asian Mistress makes her slave lick her dirty shoes clean. She commands him to lick up every dirt right off her soles. After that he is commanded to swallow it all for her. Then she takes off her shoes and makes him sniff her stinky white socks. She enjoys the power over him.

Mistress Thoka wears her favorite leather suit again! This time her poor victim is already laying on front of her down on the ground. She sits on his face and smothers him with her shiny leather ass. After that she has a lot of fun smothering him with her leather gloves! He cannot escape and is fixed on the ground between her legs...

Mistress Mina and Mistress Thoka are punishing a poor slave! They caught him sleeping while he had to do his house-duties. Now they torture him to make him understand that he has to follow every single instruction! They kick his balls, whip him and slap him! They laugh at him and have fun to humiliate him this way...

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