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Mistress Lady Saya sits on her slave's chest while his hands are bound and tied together. She knows that he is delivered to her and she loves to hurt and punish her victims. This time she uses her soft fingers and hands to smother him gently but also violently. He struggles under her and tries to give her signs that he runs out of air but she still keeps pushing her hands on his mouth and nose while she enjoys how his face color change...

Mistress Saya expects her slaves to be useful in as many ways as possible. Today she wants to train her lazy slave to be her human pony and sits down on his back wearing a sexy lingerie outfit. He has to carry his asian mistress as long as she wants! No breaks, no excuses, no weakness is acceptable!

Mistress Saya from the Philippines sits on a sofa and spits on the ground and on her boots. She smiles on you as she tells and orders you that you have to lick up every bit from the ground by kneeling in front of her - she has a special reward for you, that's what she tells... After licking the ground clean, she holds her boots right into your face and tells you that the reward is to lick them clean too...

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