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Mistress Martina likes to do anything that comes to her mind. Today she felt like boxing someone and slapping the shit out of them. So she went out and she came back with a loser who deserved to be beaten. She undressed him and she had him kneel down. She enjoyed slapping him on the face and she punched him in the face as well. She left him with a red face that was in lots of pain.

MayLing doesn't put up with much crap, so when her slave starts to get out of line, she immediately takes action. She demands the slave removes his pants, where she gets on her knees and begins to punch her slave in the balls over and over again. The slave is going to be in grave pain from all the blows to the balls. MayLing is loving this.

Mistress Aiba and Mistress Mina give you a taste of their power in this clip. They beat fight and torture their poor weak opponent very heavy, over and over again. He cries in pain and wants to escape but its hopelessly - the girls are too strong and overwhelm him again and again...

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