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Goddess Martina had beef with her boyfriend and it all culminated in her whipping his naked butt. She made him pull his pants down and he whipped him repeatedly until his butt was red and in pain. She laughed at him as he tried hard to endure the pain and not cry but he lost the battle shortly thereafter as the pain became too much for him. He learned his lesson.

Mistress Tohka lives it to torture her slave. She busts his balls with her sexy high heeled boots over and over again - every cry or scream returns one hard slapping with the lash. He tries not to scream but the mistress breaks his limits over and over again...

Mistress Mina and Mistress Thoka are punishing a poor slave! They caught him sleeping while he had to do his house-duties. Now they torture him to make him understand that he has to follow every single instruction! They kick his balls, whip him and slap him! They laugh at him and have fun to humiliate him this way...

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