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Do you see those sexy sneakers? They belong to those mistresses: Cindy and Leila. Those evil brats love slaves like you - slaves who are willing to kiss and worship their sexy shoes with the tongue and slaves who are also willing to lick up their spit from their sexy shoes...

Cindy and Leila are sitting on chairs as they spit on the ground right in front of you. They rub their spit into a dirty, slimy mass. After that they want you to lay under their cute feet to lick the spit directly off their sweet soles. They taunt you and wriggle their colored socks right in front of your face.

Miss Mana and Miss Reina are having a lot of fun torturing a slave. While one of them holds him tight the other one is kicking and busting his balls with her black high heeled boots many times. The other girl chokes him to keep him up as he tried to bend down in pain.

Two Japanese women torture a slave whose hands are cuffed and mouth is taped! They kick and bust his balls very violently and they keep humiliating him all the time. Of course he must take it all because he isn't able to free himself or escape them...

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