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Sexy Mistress Amrita has made a nice bet with her slave. The bet was as followed: If she would get it to keep him between her legs for more than one minute, she will have him as personal slave for one week! Well he lost and now he is her slave - she humiliates him and chokes him daily to remind him that she is the stronger one...

Lady Amrita sits on the couch while her slave sits in front of her. He is bound and unable to free himself - she sits behind him and chokes him really heavyly. His head already became red and she continues her evil torturing without having mercy to him.

In this clip you can see Japanese mistress Amrita torturing her slave. His hands are bound together on his back and he is helplessly delivered to her as she starts her evil game. She chokes him, and hand smothers him - yes she even smothers him with her sexy Asian ass just to make it hard for him to breathe... This clip is very brutal and the violence is very high...

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