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Mistress Yasmin does not know how to hide her disappointment. If you piss her off, she shows it there and then. This loser pissed her off and he had to deal with her choking him to show how dissatisfied she was with what he had done. The mistress used her hands to choke him and when she was tired, she used her feet to trample and crush him. He did not repeat his mistake.

This Asian mistress was too kinky for this guy. She is into choking fetish but this loser was not. So when they were having foreplay, she got on top of him and she choked him. She loves being in control and she enjoyed how she was dominating him. But he was not having much fun and in fact, he got turned off out of fear of being choked and he even peed himself.

Anne Hurricane wears her grid girl outfit in this clip which contains 10 clips cut together. She again performs many different Moves on her victim such as the head figure, the classic head scissor, hand smothering , face smothering and many more. Don't miss that one if you love girls performing those special moves...

In this clip you can see Japanese mistress Amrita torturing her slave. His hands are bound together on his back and he is helplessly delivered to her as she starts her evil game. She chokes him, and hand smothers him - yes she even smothers him with her sexy Asian ass just to make it hard for him to breathe... This clip is very brutal and the violence is very high...

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