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The slender and leggy Saya is wearing a black bustier, panties and stockings when she sits on the older man. He is fully clothed and helpless to do anything for his hands are tied together. She places one hand on his mouth and then pinches his nose with her other hand. The dominating Asian bitch now controls his breathing. Breath play is one of her special fields and she will only allow him to inhale air when she wants him to.

The sexy Thai, Mistress Yas engages in breath play with her willing slave, Richie. First she squeezes the air out of him as she steps on his throat with the soles of her pretty feet. Than she chokes him with her bare hands pressed against his mouth leaving him extremely short of breath. The tiny Asian girl has a lot of strength in her hands and in her feet.

Asian girl Nicole has been doing martial arts since she's a kid and has some dangerous skills as a grown-up now. She arm-chokes poor Steve and has no mercy! Will he pass out?

Mistress Amrita again has her slave bound with heavy robes. Unable to move or to escape she can do whatever she wants to him. First she chokes his head with her full power. Then she sits on his face using her sexy pink slip-ass. He has to smell her superior woman scent and obey her in every way.

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