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This Asian mistress loves inflicting misery on her slaves. That is what she did to this loser. She stuck a dildo in the mouth of the loser then she rode it while it was still in his mouth. In addition, she trampled him and ballbusted him too. She even undressed and teased him with her pussy. By the end of it all, the slave was humiliated, degraded and tortured like he has never been before.

Mistress Amrita forces her slave to bend over so she is able to bind his hands together on his back. After she is done, she has a nice comfortable seat on the couch and buts her arms around his neck and one hand directly on his mouth. She pushes and increases the pressure and makes sure he can't breathe! He coughs and struggles and she begins to laugh.

Sexy Asian Mistress Amrita keeps her slave who is kneeling on the ground tight in position with her arms around his neck. She chokes him and hand smothers him and seems to enjoy her own cruelness. He cannot escape or run away since his hands are bound together on his back.

Mistress Amrita's slave sits on a chair while this gorgeous mistress stand behind him and chokes him with her sexy strong and powerful arms. She headlocks him very hard and laughs at his poor attempts to free himself. She also handsmothers him and humiliates him for being such a pathetic weak puppet...

Asian girl Nicole has been doing martial arts since she's a kid and has some dangerous skills as a grown-up now. She arm-chokes poor Steve and has no mercy! Will he pass out?

Mistress Amrita again has her slave bound with heavy robes. Unable to move or to escape she can do whatever she wants to him. First she chokes his head with her full power. Then she sits on his face using her sexy pink slip-ass. He has to smell her superior woman scent and obey her in every way.

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