Femdom Asia - All about hot asian mistresses and submissive slaves - Page 9

Mistress Kim caught her boyfriend watching porn and she punished him. They had talked about it and she had warned him not to do it. But he did it again and now she had no choice but to express her outrage physically. She did it by trampling him and showing him that she would not condone any such behavior from him again. He cried as the pain got more and more intense but she ignored his cries.

Goddess Rachel likes to dance and today she danced on the body of her boyfriend. She had had a bet with him and he had lost the bet. They had agreed that whoever won would do anything to the loser and her thing was to dance on his body. He cried and begged for mercy but she did not listen to him. She was busy enjoying her win to pay attention to him.

This sexy mistress likes to bait guys in the streets. When someone falls for her and she can see that they are determined to nail her, she takes them home and she has fun for herself at their expense. Today she got her sneakers licked by this loser she had met in the streets earlier. He was also forced to lick her bare feet but he got none of what he had thought he would get when he approached her.

Mistress Tian likes guys with a high threshold for pain. Those are the guys who turn her on. That is because she loves to involve pain in her fun and that is what she did today. She tested this guy's pain threshold by crushing his dick using her high heels as well as her bare feet. He was turned on massively and so was she. They had amazing sex thereafter.

Mistress Lynn had not noticed that her feet smelled. But today the smell was conspicuous and she could not help but notice it. She was angry and as always, it was her slave's fault as she blamed him for not cleaning her shoes and her socks properly. She summoned him and asked him to lick her socks and smell her shoes as punishment and the slave had no choice but to do it.

Mistress Austria is a cruel Japanese girl. She loves to turn on guys and pretend that she finds them sexy and that she wants to fuck them but before anything happens between them, she finds fault in something they have done and she uses the opportunity to humiliate them. She did the same to this guy and she slapped and dominated him as he tried to understand what was happening. He was expecting to have fun but instead, he was in pain and being humiliated.

Goddess Rachel is a flexible mistress and she loves to use her flexibility to humiliate guys. Today she was flexing and showing off her foot flexibility. For added fun, the mistress made sure that her feet were dirty before she asked this loser to lick them and suck them. He knew a worse punishment awaited him if he messed up and so he did what she asked and in the manner in which she had asked for it to be done.

Natalia is a gorgeous and sexy Asian mistress. She has a breathtaking body and she loves to flaunt it. Today, wearing her sexy lingerie and showing off her tattoos, her sexy ass, and her nice tits, she got this guy turned on to the extent that he he felt he would die. He was tied up so he did not pose any threat to her. So she used him as a practice tool to see what worked and what did not in her quest to perfect her teasing techniques.

Goddess Martina was horrified at how fat her brother had become. He was lazy and he was not working out. All he did was watch movies and eat. She felt that was not ok and he had to change his habits. But since she knew he could not do it on his own, she chose to make him change. She did this by trampling him and stomping all over his body.

Bored and alone at home, this mistress called her foot slave to her house. He came running and he did what she asked him to do. She wanted her feet licked and massaged and the guy did it as sensuously as he could as he was trying to turn her on. What he did not know was that he was a foot slave to her and that she just wanted to use him.

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