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Mistress Saya expects her slaves to be useful in as many ways as possible. Today she wants to train her lazy slave to be her human pony and sits down on his back wearing a sexy lingerie outfit. He has to carry his asian mistress as long as she wants! No breaks, no excuses, no weakness is acceptable!

Asian girl Nicole has been doing martial arts since she's a kid and has some dangerous skills as a grown-up now. She arm-chokes poor Steve and has no mercy! Will he pass out?

Mistress Saki has kidnapped a German soldier. Now she wants to punish and torture him. She smokes while she humiliates and degrades him. She puts her boots right on his fold and blows the blue smoke into his face to make him breath it all for her...

Asian Aysha wants you to become her new slave and your first lesson will be about licking her high heel shoes clean. You better do it right or she'll kick these sharp heels right into your eye loser!

Mistress Amrita again has her slave bound with heavy robes. Unable to move or to escape she can do whatever she wants to him. First she chokes his head with her full power. Then she sits on his face using her sexy pink slip-ass. He has to smell her superior woman scent and obey her in every way.

You are the slave of four very attractive cute Asian girls. They are all sitting on a bank and waiting for you to take care of their Shoes and feet. The laugh at you and find your humiliating position very funny, as you get down on your knees to kiss and worship their feet and shoes...

Miss Mana and Miss Reina are having a lot of fun torturing a slave. While one of them holds him tight the other one is kicking and busting his balls with her black high heeled boots many times. The other girl chokes him to keep him up as he tried to bend down in pain.

The two amazon girls Mana and Reina are very tall and dominant by nature. In this clip both ladies are punishing a male sub. They kick und bust him several times until he is laying on the ground. But they are merciless and kick their victim as it is laying next to their superior feet.

Miss Ai and Miss Rin have kidnapped a guy who tried to spy on the woman toilet. Now they punish him in a dark dungeon. His hands are cuffed and he cannot help himself but doing everything those evil ladies tell him to do. They beat, kick and abuse him and visibly have fun torturing him all day long...

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